J.S. Bach
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Magnificat in D major

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Valentin Radu
Accompaniment/Orchestra:Ama Deus Ensemble
Soloists:Julianne Baird
Lorie Gratis
David Price
Kevin Deas
Individual Works:Magnificat in D, BWV 243
Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major, BWV 1068
Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:ESX/Vox Classics
Catalog Number:VOX7531
Year Released/Recorded:1996
Total Playing Time:50:33
Comments:Performed on authentic or reproduction Baroque instruments at Baroque pitch (A = 415, not 440, as in modern orchestras. Soloists and conductor are Baroque specialists. Ama Deus has eleven CD recordings to date, almost all Baroque repertoire.
Acknowledgements:Thank you to the following for submitting this recording and for your comments:
  • Donna Collins
Date First Submitted:03/18/1997
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