J.S. Bach

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Bach 2000: The Complete Bach Edition

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Soloists:Nikolaus Harnoncourt
Gustav Leonhardt
Concentus Musicus Wien
Ton Koopman
Il Giardino Armonico
Andreas Staier
Michele Barchi
Luca Pianca
Werner Ehrhardt
Bob Van Asperen
The Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra & Choir
The Academy of Ancient Music
Christopher Hogwood
Ars Antiqua Austria
Musica Antique Koln
Reihard Goebel
Zuzana Ruzickova
Alan Curtis
Olivier Baumont
Glen Wilson
Christoph Pregardien
Klaus Mertens
Barbara Bonney
Thomas Hampson
and many others
Viola da Gamba
Lute-Harpsichord (Lautenwerck)
Individual Works:Volume 1, 15 Discs
Sacred Cantatas Nos. 1-14, 16-47; 15 CDs; Harnoncourt/Leonhardt

Volume 2, 15 Discs
Sacred Cantatas Nos. 48-52, 54-69, 69A, 70-99; 15 CDs; Harnoncourt/Leonhardt

Volume 3, 15 Discs
Sacred Cantatas Nos. 100-117, 119-140,143-149; 15 CDs; Harnoncourt/Leonhardt

Volume 4, 15 Discs
Sacred Cantatas BWV 150-159, 161-188, 192, 194-199; 15 CDs; Harnoncourt/Leonhardt

Volume 5, 11 Discs
Secular Cantatas App. Sacred Cantatas; 11 CDs; Koopman, Harnoncourt, Koopman, Goebel and others

Volume 6, 14 Discs
The Sacred Vocal Works Masses,Magnificat, Passions, Oratorios; 14 CDs; Harnoncourt, Koopman, Corboz and others

Volume 7, 7 Discs
The Motets, Chorales & Songs Kirnberger Chorales,Schemelli Songs, Quodlibet

Volume 8, 16 Discs
The Organ Works; 16 CDs; Ton Koopman

Volume 9, 11 Discs
The Keyboard Works (I) The Well-Tempered Clavier, English & French Suites, Partitas etc; 11 CDs; Curtis, Ross, Wilson, Ruzickova

Volume 10, 11 Discs
The Keyboard Works (II) Goldberg Variations, Toccatas, Fugues, Italian Concerto, etc; 11 CDs; Staier, Barchi, Leonhardt, von Asperen, Baumont, and others

Volume 11, 13 Discs
The Chamber Music Violin Sonatas & Partitas, Flute Sonatas, Works for Lute, Art of Fugue, Musical Offering, etc; 13 CDs; Harnoncourt, Pianca, Tachezi, Brggen, Zehetmair, and others

Volume 12, 10 Discs
The Orchestral Works The Concertos & Orchestral Suite; 10 CDs; Il Giardino Armonico, Harnoncourt, Leonhardt

Record Label:Teldec
Catalog Number:3984-25704-2
Year Released/Recorded:1999
Total Playing Time:153 cd's in 12 Volumes
Related Web Site:http://www.teldec.com/bach2000/b2k_frame2.htm
Comments:153 cd's in 12 volumes
Over 2,400 booklet pages
Bonus book: 264-page hardcover with 150 illustrations
Bonus cd documenting the history of performance practice of the St. Matthew Passion
Available in 4 different languages and in a version without the sacred cantatas.

Jan Hanford said:

The ultimate collection of the complete music of J.S. Bach. Having all of Bach's music at my fingertips is a dream come true.

This astonishing collection of music is a historic event. Teldec has compiled an excellent collection of all the works of J.S. Bach, from well-known to the obscure, performed by a wide variety of highly respected musicians. There are many, many treasures included in this collection, for example: the cello suites performed by Nikolaus Harnoncourt now on cd for the first time. And the 4-cd set of chorales is stunning.

Each box of cd's contains a booklet of extensive notes on the music. The set also includes a wonderful book "Twenty-Four Inventions on Johann Sebastian Bach" by Wolfgang Sanderberger, which examines Bach's life and influences including 150 illustrations and a full list of Bach's works arranged according to genre and cross-referenced with the cd's in the set.

Note: Information from Teldec says that each volume will be released separately in early 2000 and each cd will be released separately beginning in April 2000.

Charlton Harrison said:

I purchased the Bach2000 Complete edition about 6 months ago and have been listening to it quite a bit. I have been listening to bach since I was a teenager and am familiar with about 15% of the works in this collection, and I must say that none of the performances in this collection disgust me. In fact, some of the performances are the best that I have ever heard. Please e-mail me if you'd like for more specifics of various pieces and my opinion on the recordings. Some of my opinions are: The St. Matthew Passion is very nicely done, the Organ works are very nicely done, I prefer Karl Richter's performances on many of the Cantatas but it is probably the best collection of all the Cantatas as a whole. I am very impressed with the orchestral works and the chamber music, which is performed quite well. The Psalm 51 recording is great. All of the keyboard works are played on harpsichord and played very well, although I notice some inconsistencies in the recording acoustics of some of the keyboard works, no big deal here.

So I decided to post my opinions that on the whole the Bach2000 collection is well worth owning.

Also see http://bach.dynet.com/playlist/opinions.html.

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  • Charlton Harrison
And from the collection of Jan Hanford.
Date First Submitted:11/20/1999