J.S. Bach
J.S. Bach

Classical MIDI Archives
by Pierre R. Schwob
A Johann Sebastian Bach Midi Page by Bryen Travis
Well-Tempered Clavier by Dr. Alan U. Kennington
The J.S. Bach Page at Midiworld by Michael Starke
BachWorks: a personal project MIDI files and synthesized performances by Jim Michmerhuizen
Dave's Bach MIDI Files by Dave Grossman
Kunst der Fuge Midi Page Midi files of many of Bach works.
John Sankey Bach Midi Files by John Sankey (at jsbach.net)
Arrangements/Transcriptions of Bach by Gary Bricault
Musical Sculpting Created on the Yamaha Disklavier by Peter Taussig.
Classical Guitar Midi Archives by François Faucher
Bach Midi Files by Jim Paterson
Bruno de Giusti Bach Midi Files by Bruno de Giusti
Well-Tempered Clavier II by Yo Tomita
The Bach Connection by Faren Raborn, updated by Les Winters
Microsound International A new computer music technology that is used for the interpretation and performance of classical music.
Club JSB by T.L. Hubeart Jr.
Bach Organ Works by Martin Robinson
Bach's 4 part Chorales by Margaret Greentree
The Silvis "Woodshed"
by George Silvis
MIDI Stuff by Dave Fenske

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